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The best way to prepare for fireworks is to think like a dog about fireworks. They feel scared as they are alarmed by the loud noises of the fireworks but do not understand that fireworks cannot harm them and feel safer when their home feels safe and secure.

You can help your dog by preparing a ‘safe haven’ or a ‘dog den’. If your dog already has a hiding place then this space can be used making it as snug and secure for your dog as possible by adding blankets or bedding. If you are making your ‘dog den’ from scratch try to do this a few weeks in advance so that your dog knows it is a safe place when fireworks start.

Plugging in an pet anxiety diffuser 4 weeks prior and this will increase the security felt by your dog and help to create a calm environment.

Various diffusers and sprays are now available at Bay Vets Surgeries.


The Scaredy Dog Firework Blog.

Well, it seems like only a few weeks ago I was writing a blog about how to look after your pets in the summer heat and already we are just 50 days away
from Halloween!! So I thought it best to help everyone prepare for what is the most wonderful (although daunting for animals) time of the year

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