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PRESENTATION: Lethargic & off food



Presentation :
Zig was brought into the surgery because his owner had noticed he was quiet at home. He had been off of his food and possibly lost some weight too.

Ellie the vet checked him over and noticed that he was suffering from a high temperature and that she could hear abnormal sounds on his chest examination.

After the weekend Zig had gone further downhill, he was coughing and hadn’t eaten at all despite being tempted with treats.  Ellie advised his owner he would need further investigation and should be treated imminently.

Zig was admitted to the surgery for further testing. An X-Ray of his chest was taken and the results showed he had pneumonia.
At this stage when he was still barely eating, it was explained to his owners that he may not survive.

He was given medication and intensive support food to try to encourage him to eat.

After a few days of being nursed at home his owner noticed several scab like lesions on his skin. Ellie (vet) removed the scabs and sent a sample to the lab for testing. Zig was continually medicated resulting in his temperature returning to normal and after some time he was tempted by some liver food. His breathing was gradually improving also.

When the results returned from the lab it was confirmed that Zig had cowpox. A very rare viral condition thought to be spread by rodents. The virus had entered into his blood stream and caused the high temperature, pneumonia and finally the skin lesions. Zig’s owners were warned that the virus can spread to humans and to be vigorous with cleaning at home.

Zig was continually treated by us here at Bay Vets and slowly started to eat more. His breathing is constantly improving and his scabs have all cleared up. He is now putting on weight and thriving at home and on the road to a full recovery.

POTM written by Susan McArthur RVN Head Nurse Lancaster.

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