Say Cheese……………..Its Pet Dental Month!!

Say Cheese……………..Its Pet Dental Month!!

The pout is out…..and this February the SMILE is back.

Yes at Bay Vets it is Pet Dental Month!!!

So here is a blog sized guide as to how you can enhance your pets Hollywood smile and ensure they are fit enough to don the blue and white striped pyjamas and join the little chap on the aquafresh advert!

As always there is always somebody on the other end of the phone to answer any oral hygiene questions or you can make an appointment to see one of our experienced Vets or Nurses to check your pets pearls. Hopefully this will help you prevent the need for dental surgery ever happening to your pet.

is for Scrub.

Did you know you can get toothpaste and brushes especially for your pets. A lot of the toothpastes available are Enzymatic – these pastes contain enzymes which react with saliva. The enzymes kill bacteria and help break down and tartar. This helps reduce bad ‘dog breath’ and helps prevent gum disease.

We would recommend cleaning your dog/cats teeth once daily but be brave as they aren’t going to enjoy it – just like we don’t.

To see how to brush your dogs teeth please click here.

To make it easier some enzymatic toothpastes can be applied to the paw especially when it comes to cats – we all know how annoyed they get if something touches that precious paw (unless its a hand before treat) The pet will automatically lick it off and ta-da once it mixes with the saliva it springs into action. Lets hope you don’t have glass top tables………….

is for Maintenance.

From a little kitten to a big old Labrador and all the bits in between it is important to make sure as an owner you can do all you can for your pet. This will include feeding a suitable diet from the first time those little dagger teeth appear, annual dental checks, regular brushing and making sure the diet is adequate and not going to do any harm to their gnashers.

Following these routines will help your pets mouths stay healthy and happy, stop us keeling over due to their breaths, reduce vet bills and improve our pets general well being. As part of your pets oral hygiene we can also carry out scale and polishes under anaesthetic and other dental procedures such as extractions and xrays. Although not always necessary the option is always there to help maintain or re-new that Hollywood smile.

Kong also do a number of puppy toys which help puppies through the teething stage, these are available in our boutique.

puppy teeth needles

Although the rule is to make sure the toy is needle teeth friendly unlike this tennis ball………

is for Ickle Bunnies.

Rabbits are a whole new set of rules. Their teeth are so essential that a really bad dental problem can be fatal!! To ensure your rabbits teeth are as healthy as they can be there is one essential in their diet………..HAY!! As rabbits teeth constantly grow throughout their lives, they need something they can grind and burr them down with and hay is perfect for this along with hard pellets and wood and toys to gnaw on.

Problems with overgrown or deformed teeth include abscesses and becoming too painful to actually bite down and crunch food. Signs to look for include runny eyes or nose, a more empty toilet and growths or sores under the chin.

If a rabbit is unable to eat for a short time this can cause gut-stasis and once their digestive system stops working it is hard to get it going again, this can often be fatal. Obesity is also a problem with rabbits and is often down to a bad diet and lack of exercise. I would certainly class a muesli food as a bad diet due to the fact that just like us rabbits will pick all of the naughty sweet bits out—-so even though it may look boring, a complete pellet diet is perfect.

It is also important to make sure any treats we give our bunnies are a healthier less sugary choice – did you know the rabbit and carrot myth is so wrong – carrots are full of natural sugar which isn’t good for your rabbits teeth – but don’t tell Bugs!!

is for loss of teeth.

As we know dogs loose their puppy teeth within the first 6 months – so it is vital we maintain a high standard of dental care from the early years to prevent any problems in the future. Unfortunately we don’t have a choice when it comes to rescue animals that may not have been given the best smiliest start in life. So what if you have an unfortunate pet who looses all their teeth….Dragons Den haven’t quite got round to Doggy Dentures just yet!!

This is when a wet diet is recommended or a dry diet that has been moistened by adding a bit of water – as a dog with no teeth tends to lap up the food a wet diet would be preferable and to make it easier mash and chop up the food before hand.

Although a dog with no teeth is far from ideal people often say that a toothless dog  is a lot happier than a dog with only a few problematic teeth. This is however no excuse to let your pets dental problems reach that stage.

 is for Eating Habits.

We would always recommend a dry diet for your pet – we even provide a dental specific diet and often put the post op white teeth brigade on this diet once they have had dental treatment to keep up with the whiter than white trend.

The kibble helps clean and maintain the teeth unlike wet food that can stick to the teeth and get lodged….. which doesn’t produce the sassiest of smells. Always make sure water is available to provide the moisture which may be missed if your not feeding a wet food.

There are a number of treats that enhance your pets teeth such as denta-sticks and logic chews for dogs and dentabits for cats but these should be given sparingly as fatty felines and hoochie hounds opens a whole new can of worms!!

So why not take advantage of Pet Dental Month at one of our 4 surgeries. We are offering free dental checks with one of our Vets for the month of February, this will give the Vet  an opportunity to examine and advise you on how you can improve your pets oral hygiene.

So in the mean time Diane and Myself are off to practice our sassy smiles – and ponder on why us Humans don’t have a smiley month?

That’s all folks……………..


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