Pet Paradise Veterinary Grooming


Sometimes a nice hair-cut and good manicure is all it takes to have you feeling your very best. But did you know a little tidy-up is often all your companion needs to feel great too?

It has been proven that pampering pets can have a positive effect. Simply de-matting a cat’s fur, clipping your rabbit’s claws or cleaning your pooch’s ears can have them feeling brand new in no time; and that’s where we can help.

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Pet Paradise, Specialist Veterinary Grooming. The new service is here at Bay Vets Morecambe. We do believe pampering is for pets too, after our guests receive a grooming treatment, your best friends will return home feeling pampered and relaxed.



During your pet’s pampering session they will have their eyes, ears, coat and teeth examined to ensure they’re in great shape. They can then lay back and enjoy their experience at Pet Paradise, and you can look forward to a pet that looks great and smells fresh.


Cant get to the Morecambe Surgery?? Never fear, our trusty ambulance driver, Mike, will escort your pet from your home to the surgery and back in full chauffeur form, Free of charge.

Mike is a firm favourite with animals of all shapes and sizes, his ambulance is equipped with everything your pet needs to ride in complete comfort. Mike will also spray Pet Remedy throughout the van, prior to picking up your friend, the spray has been proven to produce a calming effect and reduce stress.


As well as offering all the services you would expect, Pet Paradise is run by our team of veterinary professionals which means your companion will have a quick check-up while they’re feeling comfortable and relaxed.

This is no poodle parlour, we will only use medicated veterinary shampoo and cleaners or Animology shampoo. Your pet will receive a certificate after their visit and a check list of any clinical conditions that our nurses have noticed.

One of our famous cuts is the LION CUT, this is where we cut all hair to 1cm in length apart from the head and legs, a firm favourite for our long haired puddys

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Pet Paradise  is available for all cats, dogs and rabbits (there are some medical exceptions however). Our treatments are also by appointment only, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to book your companion in to come and see us.

You can find a list of treatments and prices here:

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For more information, or to book a specialist grooming experience for your pet, please contact us by calling our Morecambe surgery on 01524 410867 or emailing