Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Bay Vets.
Festivities were starting for our Clients and Pets.

Our on call Vets phone was ready in his hand,for the Christmas emergencies that were about to land.

The first came at tea-time and involved a small tipple,
A dog drank some wine-its tummy did ripple.

For alcohol and pets just don’t get along,
This was more of a sad whimper then a merry Christmas song.

The Vet landed home about to tuck into his beef,
The phone buzzed again, a cat ate a wreath!!

The sweet tasting Ivy had made the cat lick her lips,
But one hour later she was here on a drip.



Bed time arrived – time for a quick bath,
The phone buzzed again-are you having a laugh!!

A dog had ambushed Santa’s plate of re-fil goodies,
We all know mince pies are toxic to our buddies.

Finally into his bed the Vet counted some ZZZ’s,
Buzz went his phone – this time Cat vs Tree.

Its big, green and flashing this thing will be beaten.
But just think of the harm if those needles are eaten!!

Its four in the morning, the vets head hits the pillow,
Two hours later ‘Oh no Vet – its Willow!!’

A present from Santa had been bought on the cheap,
The dog had unwrapped it the owners asleep.
The dog had its moment, then playtime went south,
A small rubber ball had got lodged on his mouth!!

The phone went again, it was like a disease,
Young Felix Smith had drunk anti-freeze.

Cats love the taste of the sweetest of flavours,
But this deadly poison did the cats kidneys no favours.

Christmas day morning while we are all waking,
The Vets shift is over his poor hands are shaking.

Although this little ditty is all serious banter,
The poor Vet that night was busier than Santa.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas here at Bay Vets!!
Remember we have a Vet on call 24/7 over the Christmas period.

We hope you and your pets Stay Safe!!!

Me and Diane certainly will…..