Canine Behaviour

Our Canine Behavioural Services help your dog grow into a happy, healthy and sociable companion

LaurenGetting a new puppy is exciting, but it’s a great responsibility too. As a caring owner, it’s important to make sure your new companion not only stays healthy but has the best possible chance of developing into a confident and well-rounded adult dog.

In order to help with this, Bay Vets’ very own RVN Lauren Williams offers a range of Canine Behavioural Services. With classes available from 9 weeks of age until they reach their senile years, Lauren uses her expertise to check the health of your dog and to train them, this also gets them used to visiting the Bay Vets practice. This way, no visit leaves your dog in distress and we can always stay on top of their healthcare.

Puppy Party Socialisation is where the Canine Services first come in to play. With classes aimed at puppies aged 9-16 weeks of age, your puppy can interact with other little friends in the most adorable meet and greet you’ll ever witness.

When your pup reaches 8 weeks, you can bring them to our Puppy ‘one to ones’ until they are 5 months old. These meetings let your puppy get to know the nurses more personally, and give us the chance to give them a health check and to go through any questions you have.

You can bring your puppy for an Adolescent Check from 5 months of age until they are one year old. During your puppy’s Adolescent Check, we will go through any issues you may be experiencing with them. You’ll also be able to discuss neutering. Pregnancy prevention is a far superior option for your pet’s health than dealing with it once it has happened, so we help you to make the best decisions before problems have arisen.

After 7 years of age, your dog is classed as a senior, and welcomed to attend our Senior Wellness Consultations. During our Senior Wellness Consultations, we help you to understand your pet’s needs, and to develop a lifestyle for them that accommodates their health as they enter their twilight years.

Whatever the age of your dog, we offer Training and Behaviour Consultations to develop their obedience and skills. All consultations are with Lauren Williams, and individual so you can work with Lauren to develop your dog’s behaviour based on their specific needs.

For more information, please call us on any of the below numbers:

  • Caton surgery on 01524 770615
  • Lancaster surgery on 01524 32696
  • Morecambe surgery on 01524 410867
  • Milnthorpe surgery on 01539 562770