Neutering is the most responsible action to take if you don’t intend to breed from your pet

Litters of baby animals are handed over to animal organisations too often, and the most common reason for this is that the owner couldn’t afford to keep them.

Neutering is the most financially sensible, as well as responsible action to take if you don’t intend to breed from your pet. As well as not having to worry about the cost of unwanted litters, the straightforward procedure can also prevent certain illnesses and behaviour.

When an animal is neutered, their sexual organs are removed. A female animal will be spayed by having her womb and ovaries removed, and a male animal will be castrated.

There are a number of benefits to having your pet neutered:

For female animals benefits include:

[icon name=’icon-minus-sign’]No unwanted pregnancy
[icon name=’icon-minus-sign’]No longer coming into season, bleeding and attracting unwanted attention
[icon name=’icon-minus-sign’]Uterus infections and breast cancer are prevented
[icon name=’icon-minus-sign’]Mating with siblings is prevented

For male animals benefits include:

[icon name=’icon-minus-sign’]Roaming, aggressive behaviour and urinary marking is prevented
[icon name=’icon-minus-sign’]Testicular cancer is prevented
[icon name=’icon-minus-sign’]Mating with siblings is prevented

As well as cats and dogs, other animals such as ferrets and rabbits can also be neutered. It is recommended that animals are neutered at a young age to prevent accidents.

Unneutered cats are especially at risk of mating and falling pregnant because they are free to roam outdoors. If this happens, have you thought about the time and energy kittens require? The cost of food, vaccinations, litter, bedding and toys will soon mount too.

At Bay Vets we pride ourselves on the aftercare we can promise your pet once they have been neutered. We have dedicated nurses who monitor recovering animals, and in the majority of cases, pets are home with their owners by the end of the day.

If you would like any further information about neutering, or to book an appointment for your pet to be neutered at Bay Vets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of friendly professionals are always happy to help you in any way they can.

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