We understand it is stressful when you have to bring your cat to see us. This is why we are proud to announce that we have been accredited as a Cat Friendly Clinic. To find out more, visit www.catfriendlyclinic.org. 

Vet Nurse Jo and my fellow Receptionist Diane have been busy making the practice as Cat Friendly as possible – here is an insight into what has been achieved by  Bay Vets to earn such an important award.

Cat Friendly Clinic is an internationally-recognised award. It means that we have met criteria to ensure all the needs of your cat are met.

Stress is a contributing factor to many illnesses in cats and this is why we are proud of our Cat Friendly Status. We try hard to minimise as many causes of stress as possible for our feline friends when they visit the practice.

As all cat owners know, cats are not small dogs and they have specific needs. This is why we have worked hard to achieve Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation to reassure our clients that our vets, nurses and reception team understand cats and their requirements.

A stay in hospital is not something that we humans particularly enjoy – we would rather be in our own homes. It is the same for our cats. So when they do need our help by coming to the clinic, we do as much as we can to make our patients comfortable and stress free. Our cat patients are hospitalised in a separate ward so they are not near the dogs. This ensures they get all the rest they need in a calm, quiet environment.

When you visit us, don’t be surprised if we ask you to sit in the quiet designated cat area of our waiting room. As a Cat Friendly Clinic we have separate dog and cat areas to help reduce your cat’s stress.

If you have to travel with your cat, we recommend the use of Feliway for your cat. Use Feliway to help reduce the stress this may cause by spraying it into your cats basket 30 minutes before travelling to help keep your cat calm.

For more information please contact the Lancaster surgery and ask to speak to Diane who will be happy to advise you.

Worried about bringing your cat into the clinic? We have some tips to help reduce stress. Want to know about preventative care for your cat – call to speak to Diane or Joanne to discuss you and your cats specific situation.

Catnip produces a temporary euphoric state in about two thirds of our feline friends. As a Cat Friendly clinic we stock toys that contain this herb. If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest you give it a go, as its great for stimulating a cat’s natural playfulness.

Cats are very clean, proud creatures and do not like sharing a toilet. If you have more than one feline friend, the general rule when it comes to litter trays is one per cat plus one spare.

As a Cat Friendly Clinic we have ‘deluxe’ size cat kennels for our feline patients who have to stay over with us. This ensures they are as comfortable as possible while they receive the treatment they need.

As a Cat Friendly clinic, we want to give your cat time to get used to our environment. So when you go into the consulting room, don’t be alarmed if the vets let your cat have a look around the room first before giving i a thorough examination. Investigating the environment first helps to reduce your cats stress levels.

As a Cat Friendly Clinic, all of our vets and nurses understand that cats need to be approached in a gentle, calm and empathetic way to minimise their anxiety during their visit to us.

On behalf of the team at Bay Vets we would wish to thank Diane and Joanne for all of their hard word and crazy catness in Bay Vets becoming an ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic. I am certain it will benefit our clients and most importantly their cats.

Now Diane get back on this reception and stop playing with those Cats!!!!