How to work out the real age of your cat

There is no reliable scientific method for calculating how old your cat is in human years. It is often suggested that one human year is the equivalent of seven cat years, but in reality alone year old cat is far more mature than a 15 year old child. Experts generally agree that the first 2 years of a cats life are roughly equal to the first 24 of a humans. Thereafter each additional year equals approximately four 4 cat years.

First 1 month of a cats life is equivalent to 6 months of a human

3 months equals 4 years

6 months equals 10 years

8 months equals 15 years

1 year equals 18 years

2years equals 24 years and then 1 cat year equals 4 human years

A cats life is generally quite long lived but depends on owner maintenance and genetic predisposition. The owner maintenance is defined as correct feeding, vaccination, teeth care etc. Typically cats live to on average to 12 to 18 years, with many living into their 20 s, about 90 to 110 in human years.

Outdoor cats have a greater threat of accident or illness  and on average live only 10 years hence the advisability of keeping cats in at night as it is at night that they are more likely to get into road accidents and fights.

The longest living cat was reputedly 34years old according to some sources and the Siamese and Manx breeds are generally held to be the longest living cats.

The Guinness book of records lists 23 year old Pinky who lives in USA as the oldest cat I the world but a feline called Cola from Orpington, Kent is challenging for the title at nearly 28 years of age.

Perhaps you know of one older?