People without pets can easily go away on holiday and do not need to worry about what to do with their pets. No expensive kennels and cattery costs but what would we do without our cherished pets.

Planning a holiday is fun, but don’t forget to plan your pets holiday as well. Do not leave it to the last minute to make provisions for them. If you plan to leave them in the kennels or cattery they stayed in last time remember that good ones fill quickly as we have just found out. Also, most importantly check that the booster vaccines are up to date or the kennels may have to refuse them or put them in quarantine.

Alternative options

Maybe you can find a reliable house and pet sitter? a live in one would be ideal. It is important to book kennels that understand the importance of the well being of your pet. Ask about the daily exercise of your pet, bed time, feeding times and choice of food. Do the kennel owners give your dog the necessary medication or special food?

For cats the answer is not that easy. A lot depends on their environment. Cats who have the freedom to move around will find it more difficult to accept the restrictions of a cattery so a cage with a large run is essential.

So remember, before booking your jolly holidays, remember to book your cherished pets in also.