Pets are our best friends, they listen when nobody else is there and make you smile. There’s no wonder why so many of us choose to own a dog at some point in our lives but we must know how to care for them because unlike children they can’t tell us when something is wrong. You should keep a keen eye on your dog to ensure that it is comfortable and nothing is bothering them. Though how do you care for your dog to ensure they are comfortable? Before you make the decision to own a dog make sure you understand the care involved.

Of course, there are many things which you can do from home as not all dog care is carried out by the vet. Though the key here is balance. As an owner, you can only do so much and sometimes you will need the professional opinion of a vet. Though dog health is an important matter, receiving regular check-ups will certainly help you and your pet to feel relaxed. So, how can you best look after your new dog? There are many things which you can do. So, Keep reading this blog to find out more about the process.

Home care

Your dog’s care should start at home and this means you will need to know exactly what you’re looking out for so you know when you need professional help. Of course, there are many things which you can do at home to look after your dog’s health and we shall go through all of these in this blog so you can remain confident that you are giving your dog the care and attention which they deserve. If you make sure that you maintain all of the advice that we will give in this blog then you can ensure that your dog will have a happy and fulfilling life at home.


The first step which you will want to ensure you are taking at home is conducting regular checks. This doesn’t mean carrying out a full medical assessment instead you will simply need to look over a few areas. First of all, you should assess your dog’s joints and ensure that they are all moving freely. You can do this by simply watching them walk and run and understanding if they have freedom of movement. You will easily be able to tell if your dog is moving without any struggle as they will move without a limp and seem comfortable at all times.


Stomach issues are fairly common with dogs and not all of them are something to worry about. Quite often your dog will eat something on a walk which perhaps it shouldn’t have, or alternatively, it may simply have a stomach bug that may clear up after a few days. Though you should keep an eye on your pet to ensure that it is not in any discomfort as this may mean that something a touch more serious is happening. To watch your pet’s stomach issues all you need to do is keep a keen eye on them. It should be fairly easy to determine whether or not they are in genuine pain.


A dog’s sense of hearing is one of their most powerful attributes and they can hear far further than us humans. This makes it fairly clear to us when dogs may be suffering from hearing issues. Don’t worry you won’t have to make any loud bangs or noises to test your dog’s reaction. Instead, simply watch your dog throughout the day and if you notice them missing a few loud noises or taking little to no attention to things going on around them then it might be time to take them to the vet. Though, make sure you get a second opinion from a partner or a friend.


A dog’s eyesight, much like humans, can worsen with age and this is not exactly something to worry about as such. Though you should make sure that your dog’s eyesight is being looked at so your vet can treat them when possible. As you might expect, ensuring that your dog’s eyesight is healthy is a pretty easy thing to do. All you need to do is observe them throughout the day and see if they miss anything which perhaps they wouldn’t normally. If you have concerns about their eyesight then take them to the vet and they will have them checked out in no time.


Another vital aspect of looking after a dog is ensuring that they are eating well and gaining the right nutrition which they need in their day-to-day life. Of course, there will be a few factors that come into how you feed your dog and you should be aware of all of these before you attain your dog. The first of these key factors is every breed requires different levels of food as they all have different energy needs. The other factor is the dog’s age as they will require different nutrients throughout the stages of their life. Of course, their general size and weight will play a role in how much you should feed them as well.


Unlike children, dogs obviously cannot shout out when they’re thirsty and this can at times cause issues around the home. It is vital that you keep your pet well hydrated as this is a key factor to maintaining their health and they may become drastically ill if they are not kept sufficiently hydrated. Of course, the answer to this is simple. Have a few drinking bowls dotted around your house and keep them topped up at all times with fresh water. Your dog will find the water and remember its location so when it’s thirsty it will take itself to the bowl.


Exercise is vital for a dog. In fact, a lack of exercise throughout a dog’s life is one of the leading causes of health issues later down the line. Aside from the animal’s quality of life, regular walks will increase their muscle mass and chances of fending off illness. It is also essential for maintaining their mental stimulation. Depending on the breed of dog which you have you should take them on a walk between 2 and 4 times a day. These walks should vary in both location and length and you should ensure you are exercising your dog both mentally and physically.


You should make sure that your dog is around people for at least the majority of the day. We understand that you may have work commitments but when you get home you should try to have at least one person in the house with them as dogs are pack animals and need company to maintain their quality of life. So, make sure that your dogs have company in the home as often as possible. Without this kind of treatment, your dog may develop issues such as separation anxiety.

When to contact your vet

Of course, for most of the issues which do arise with your pet you will only be able to identify them and treating them should be left to your vet. So, if you do observe any issues with your dog then you should first ring your vet and outline the issues which you are observing. Your vet will then be able to tell you what is happening and if you need to bring your dog in to be seen by them.

After your vet has outlined that your dog needs to come in to see them you should then arrange the soonest possible time so you are getting your pet treated as soon as possible. After all, the sooner you have the issue sorted out then the sooner you can get out on a walk with them!

If you’re looking for a pet surgery for puppy vaccinations or puppy checkups then make sure you contact us today! We have many years of experience in the industry and can certainly help you with any issues which you might have. Our vets are well-trained and have a brilliant reputation so our service certainly won’t let you down.