As we all know there are always lots of animals in rescue centres crying out for homes, I for one will always have rescue bunnies in my life…but have recently branched off the rescue route and landed myself with the two most beautiful bunnies Danni and Fanny.


It was a big decision to make but I feel I definitely went with the right breeder. With so many breeders out here now and pages on facebook selling litters I was 100{300fd1586fceabc87c4d8f98bf51832974a3fae01dd7ef6231bfc12603c51db2} sure in my mind I wanted to go down the most sensible route and I have certainly landed on my feet with my choice.

This first decision I had to make was weather I had enough space, money and time for some new additions to the Dixon Baldwin family. I wanted to make sure we could give our new pets the life they deserved. We decided that due to the fact the rabbits would be living indoors the majority of time we would be best suited with a pair of mini lops. Whether you are getting a new puppy/kitten or hamster all of the above factors are important. You need to have the space for your new addition, funding available for if an unexpected accident happens and obviously to provide your pet with the best lifestyle you can and this can come at a cost..There is also preventative health care such as flea treatment, vaccinations and neutering to consider!!


If you are getting a new puppy you have to carefully consider which breed is best for you. It would be difficult to keep a huge Bull Mastiff in a tiny porky flat – we have all seen Turner and Hooch!!!


Another consideration is how much exercise the dog needs. We all know for eg Collies are one of the most active and intelligent breeds so it would be unfair to get one of these breeds and go out to work full time leaving them at home all day and then just taking them for a walk round the block in the evening.

And finally and importantly you need to consider the needs of any pets you may already have? It is very sad that sometimes people acquired new pets and don’t think whether their current pet will adapt to their new ‘best friend’ It is always sad when a family pet gets re-homed due to the fact that it doesn’t get on with the family’s new puppy. Some breeders may be happy letting you introduce your current pet to its new lodger before you agree on taking him home. This is always a sign of a good breeder although some may be protective over their litter as you wouldn’t want a litter of 6 week old puppies being introduced to an unvaccinated dog. I always knew with my new additions that they would’t be able to bond with Betty and Gnawbert hence why i got a pair.


When rescuing a pet from a rescue centre they will carry out checks to make sure you are suitable to adopt your chosen companion. All of the above are considered, so it is up to you when buying from a breeder that you are sensible and don’t act on the spare of the moment as a pet should be for life.

So once you have decided whether you would provide a suitable home for your new pet – it is time to find a good reliable breeder. Choosing an ethical, reputable breeder is very important. You should put your research time in and make a list of breeders who deal with the pet you are looking for. Do a little research into their reputation. If you are after a specific breed the chances are you are already in touch with people that own or have owned one already. They may have an idea of which breeders are reputable along with cat societys and there is also the Kennel Club directory. The internet is a great source of information and many people will review breeders before approaching them. Any breeders that come with a bad rep can then be crossed off your list.

Does the breeder have a website or references online?Many people who buy from breeders will look for them on pet websites, online reviews/blogs and probably the biggest influence – Facebook. A good breeder will not be scared of putting all of there info, reviews and photographs out there for potential buyers to see. Breeders pages that aren’t necessarily geared towards the big sell and like to flood there website with lots of wellbeing advice and information will always get my vote.

When Cheryl met Fanny and Danni!! (My little case study)


I spoke to Charlotte at length via email and found out a lot about her and her bunnies – her set up is amazing. Charlotte decided a few years ago that bunnies were her love in life. At only 15 she has set up her Loveable Lops website and breeds rabbits to the highest standard (and i am not biased) Working at a vets I thought I knew all there was to know about rabbits but oh no Charlotte is an official bunny encyclopaedia. A couple of years ago Charlotte put together a business plan and bought her first rabbits. From breeding the rabbits the money she makes goes into the up keep of her bunny family – and my goodness they don’t go without – look at their shed – i call it the Bunny Ritz!!


The website and facebook page is full of Photos and information of her current litters and bunnies, the info Charlotte shares tells you she has nothing to hide about her set up and gives you all the confidence you need when finding the perfect breeder. The rabbits at loveable lops are all bred carefully and a lot of thought is put in to when the rabbits will be mated so there is never a surge of baby bunnies looking for homes. One of the other aspects of the set up which i thought made the perfect breeder was the fact that before the litters were born there were already new familys lined up, and each family was vetted so her bunnies went to the best homes possible. It clearly was all about the BUNNY and not the money.

Once the litter was born and 6 weeks old I received a call off Charlotte to organise a visit, it had previously been decided that I was having two girls – Danni and Fanny!! During the first weeks I was sent weekly photos of the girls, their mum and the rest of the litter. This made me feel like I was part of the process.

When i went to meet the bunnies I already knew what to look for and ask about (which i will discuss further down the blog) I was greeted by bunnies in the garden not to mention tea and cakes and I knew that I had found the perfect breeder.


I was introduced to all the rabbits and was able to meet both parents. Both looked healthy and happy so I knew even before I had met my girls that the research had paid off.

Mine were still in with their mum and siblings but were now old enough to be handled and cuddled, I wasted no time


It is important when buying a new pet that as well as meeting the parents, the living conditions are also considered – and these bunnies were living in luxury and each had their own big cage full of the best hay and toys and all had opportunities to have a run round the garden or the ample surroundings of the shed during the day.

From my first impressions of Charlotte and Loveable lops I knew i had made the correct decision in my choice of breeder and eventually my choice of bunnies. Charlotte knew exactly what she was doing especially for somebody of such a young age you would have thought she had been doing it for years. When we eventually picked the bunnies up to take them home we were given a care sheet that detailed every aspect of bunny care and part of the agreement was that we get the girls spayed at six month, another sign that we had dealt with a brilliant responsible breeder.


We were very lucky with our choice of breeder and continue to stay in touch with Charlotte and share stories and photos of the Mcfly twines. She loves them like they are her own.


If asked I would personally and confidently recommend Charlottes Loveable Lops to anybody thinking of getting a mini lop in the future – there my secrets out – the recipe to a perfect bunny.

And i have to state that the above opinions are mine and not those of Bay Vets Ltd.

BYE FOR NOW…………………..

Blog written by Cheryl Baldwin-Dixon