So after a recent post I put on facebook I started wondering…..where does the madness end and what would people resort to when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends. I simply typed in google… ‘Stupid Accessories for pets’ and these are some of the worst products I found – believe me some weren’t child friendly!!!

So we all like to dress our pets up for the odd photograph but now people have taken this to a whole new level – PET HAIR DYE!!! Yes we all remember the pink cat that was traced back to its pink haired owner, luckily she had looked in to the hair dye and it was cat friendly…but still!!

That is nothing compared to this!!!

It really makes you wonder doesn’t it – how confused must that dog be. He doesn’t know whether to bark, roar or squirt water over itself!!

The next item nearly made me spill my cup of tea!! Yes I have heard of people taking the grooming of their pet very seriously and as we all know a healthy coat is a sign of a healthy pet but this is taking things to the extreme!!!


And I am not even joking!!!!!!

You can actually get wigs for your pets and more worryingly – Weaves!! That sounds like torture to me and although – yes it may look cute or absolutely ridiculous for a few minutes – imagine how the dog feels wearing a bush on their head 24/7. Its painful enough getting your hair French plaited imagine how a poor dog feels getting their hair pulled and weaved all for the sake of a pet owners vanity!!!

Now this is definitely verging on cruelty….

This sandbag is designed to knock cats off balance when they attempt to take on a wall, it looks like a ball and chain to me!! All good and well at keeping cats in your garden and out of harms way but what if they are the prey and cant escape from a stray dog or fox – just plain stupid!

We all know the rule – No Pets at the Table – well most of us do??

So why or why would somebody invent a doggy high chair!!! Yes I know that the dog is part of the family but I don’t think I could eat while my nose hovered up the aroma of dog food and my salad got an unsavoury ‘saliva dressing’ on it. Plus you know the dog would get the steak as well especially with a little face like that!!

Now this is something I can never understand???

We spend all of our time saying – PUT THAT SHOE DOWN!! or GET THAT DOG OFF MY BLOOMIN’ HANDBAG!! So why would we give them toys that resemble Ugg boots, I Pad’s or even  Lipsticks (yes you heard me correctly) Its just odd!! I remember when my dog got hold of my favourite pair of shoes ever ever ever one Christmas – they resembled a black lump of tar by the time they had finished!!

Now this is one for the ravers or Tom Breezers!!!

……especially if you have a happy cat!! But who would put their cat in this – I mean if you have a happy cat – you can feel the whole house vibrate!! If I had put one of these on my Alf it would never have flashed – he hated collars!!

I have officially seen it all now!!!!

So you have had a hard day at work its the end of the week – time for a beer with your best friend!! Luckily this beer is non alcoholic, the last thing you want to do is be woken up with at 3am on a Sunday morning is this!!!!

So who has seen Nightmare on Elm Street??

This is the scariest cat toy I have ever seen – bar none!! If i was woken from my kitty slumber with this I would be packing my Dick Whittington bag and getting out of there!!!

Well I could go on and on with this blog because there are sooooo many ridiculous things out there but im just going to get back to work with Diane with our newly dyed hair and fairy wings!

Images taken from Google and Huffington Post