Skin conditions are fairly common in dogs, but they can be quite irritating and should be checked as soon as possible by your vet. It’s not always easy for the owner to know what the issue is, so a vet’s advice is invaluable. However, you should be aware of some of the more common issues that dogs present, so you can keep watch for them.

Allergic Dermatitis

Is your dog scratching and licking constantly? You should examine the areas the dog focuses on to see if there are any rashes or any signs of a skin infection. This is something that many dogs have issues with and it’s simply an allergy from something they’ve come into contact with.

Dogs may be allergic to anything, like humans but they’re most likely suffering from allergies relating to:

  • Dog shampoo

  • Soap

  • Food

  • Insects

  • Grass or other plants

Make note of what is new to your dog’s schedule before you visit the vet. Do you have a new dog shampoo? Have you changed the dog’s diet recently? It’s important to figure out what the cause could be.

Dry, Flaking Skin

Your dog may have what looks like dandruff, where their skin is so dry it begins to flake off. This may be caused by the weather or by grooming products. It’s natural that during the winter, there is some dryness, but it could also be an effect of irritants on the skin.

There are some carefully formulated shampoos for dogs with dry skin. Nutrition is also essential and you should be sure to provide plenty of fresh water whenever your dog wants it. If these steps don’t help, you’ll need to see your vet about the problem.

Bacterial Infection

Skin infections can be caused by bacteria, so it’s important to check if you notice your pet is scratching more than normal. If you see pus-filled blisters and crusty spots on your puppy it’s likely your dog has impetigo. It’s something that occurs quite frequently in puppies and isn’t preventable. It usually requires topical treatments that your vet can prescribe.

The other type of bacterial infection most likely to show up is folliculitis, where the dog loses hair, has sores that scab over and their skin is lumpy. It’s often a reaction to fleas but can become worse and worse. See your vet for the best treatment.


Parasites such as mites and fleas can cause all sorts of issues. Your dog may be allergic to them, which can cause even more issues than usual. In both cases, your dog will likely bite and scratch at themselves. If it’s mites, you’ll notice skin sores and irritated areas, while fleas are likely visible.

Mites are the cause of mange, which you may see frequently in dogs. It’s highly contagious so any dog that is afflicted needs to be kept separate. Your vet will recommend treatment.

Does your dog seem itchy or have irritated skin? You should consider seeing a vet as soon as possible to get some relief for your pet. Contact us at Bay Vets to schedule an appointment.