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Save-A-Pet Quiz



Following on from our Christmas Quiz we had for Save-A-Pet animal charity based in Morecambe, we are super pleased to announce £108.00 has been raised.

The winner with an amazing 25/25 for the quiz is Mrs Lyth from Carnforth. Here Mrs Lyth is, with our Boutique Assistant Linda collecting her prize being a yummy chocolate hamper. 🙂

Thank you to all that entered and helped us raise funds for this amazing animal charity. Here are the answers for those of you who racked their brains to enter.




Now Halloween and Bonfire night has past us, the Christmas Countdown has officially begun.


We now have some amazing Christmas presents for pets available at Bay Vets Boutique located in Lancaster. Here’s Belle modelling our latest stock.




Bay Vets Boutique located within the Lancaster Bay Vets Surgery and a open 6 days per week. FREE Parking available on site. 

Give your pet a safe and Merry Christmas!!




You probably already know that chocolate is toxic for dogs. But you might be surprised at how little chocolate can be toxic for your dog. Especially the dark, high cocoa solids types of chocolates.


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It’s also easy to forget that your dog will sniff out any wrapped presents containing chocolate and open and eat them for you! It’s best to keep any gifts containing chocolate out of reach and don’t put them under the tree if your dog has access.

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