There are many benefits of animal and dog neutering, such as preventing testicular cancer in older male dogs, while in terms of female dog neutering, it can prevent painful uterus infections. Although the benefits of neutering are important to note, understanding how to care for your dog after neutering is especially important, particularly as there are many misconceptions surrounding the area.

Rest Is Vital!

Just like when humans need to rest post-operation for their bodies to be allowed the time to heal, it is no different for your canine companion! When dogs are sleeping, they produce cytokines and infection-fighting antibodies which help speed up the healing process after being spayed or castrated. Furthermore, vital proteins are also produced that heal the damage to tissues which occur during the operation.

Keeping The Wound Clean

Keeping the wound clean from your dog licking it can protect it from infection, which can cause many complications for your dog. A plastic cone is advised in order to prevent them from licking the wound. Although the saliva dogs produce is anti-bacterial, overlicking can cause the wound not to heal properly, and the healing time to increase. It may be advisable to keep the collar on for around 10 to 14 days.

Sometimes Less Is More!

Directly after the operation, it is best to prevent overconsumption of water, so restricting water to a reasonable level is advisable so they are not sick, which could be painful post-operation. Another way less is more in this situation is bathing your dog. It is advised to not bathe your dog for 7 – 10 days after neutering.

Checking The Wound

The wound surrounding the incision should be checked twice a day to make sure no infection is taking place, however, you should be prepared for redness and slight bruising. If you feel as though the wound is not healing properly, please get in touch with one of our vets who are more than happy to check in to ensure the best possible healing for your dog.

Going Easy With Walks

Although typically dogs love going for walks, post-operation they may not be as active as normal, however they may seem completely fine. Pet neutering can be slightly unpredictable, so as their responsible owner, you must make sure to take it very easy in terms of walks seven days after the operation. Using a lead is advised in most cases.

The most important tip for your dog’s aftercare in terms of neutering is lots of TLC post-operation! There are many benefits to neutering which can be explored via a conversation with one of our highly knowledgeable vets or via our website.

Any operation is never pleasant for your dog so making sure your canine is provided with lots of love afterwards is most important of all! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are concerned about your dog’s healing after neutering or simply want further advice to make sure you are providing the best aftercare for your dog possible.