Although the initial outbreak of covid-19 feels like a distant memory, the effects are still very much felt today. Many difficult compromises regarding the priority of veterinary practices were made. Unfortunately, due to these sacrifices, puppy vaccinations and microchipping simply did not constitute a priority, however with covid-19 cases thankfully decreasing day by day, veterinary practices can resume normality.

Importance of Puppy Vaccinations

Just like their owners, dogs can suffer from several diseases which are easily preventable by vaccination. Although the phrase ‘whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ applies to many situations life throws, it does not, however, apply to all diseases. Infectious Canine Hepatitis is one such example, and although a dog can recover, they are likely to suffer with immune complex reactions, which can often lead to kidney damage, hindering the dog’s quality of life.

Also prominent is Canine Distemper, which has been linked to long-term neurological issues in dogs far after the dog’s recovery. With the pause upon puppy vaccinations and checkups during covid-19, there have been an increased number of unvaccinated dogs. It has been estimated that 3.2 million households bought pets since the beginning of the global pandemic, demonstrative of the issues surrounding vaccinations being delayed or in some cases forgotten.

Importance of Puppy Microchipping

Another aspect of puppy care which is far more easily forgotten after the pandemic is microchipping your puppy. As much as dogs are domesticated animals, they do still very much have minds of their own and especially as puppies, they can find themselves lost from time to time. In order to prevent your family pet from never returning home, or not being able to rescue your pet from difficulties, microchipping is essential.

Microchipping is a legal requirement in the UK and with good reason, not only can it aid the reunion of dogs and owners but allows for charitable and government spending to focus on kennels and food for dogs who really need the care rather than a lost dog who could have been reunited with their owner with a microchip. According to Battersea Dogs Home, 77% fewer dogs were vaccinated than usual during the lockdown. Although this number has decreased after the lift of the lockdown it is vital to be mindful of the importance to continue to decrease this figure.

Importance of Puppy Socialisation

At Bay Vets we have a Puppy Party programme to aid puppies on their way to becoming happy around other dogs and owners. After the pandemic many dogs were left feeling overprotective or shy around other dogs as a result of being unable to socialise, so our Puppy Party programme aims to combat these concerns and help owners access the best information on how to care for their dogs which they may have missed because of not being able to join in person puppy check-ups during the pandemic.

Remembering the importance of puppy vaccinations against preventable diseases, the benefits of microchipping and the importance of puppy socialisation after the pandemic are all equally important after a period of such uncertainty.

Here at Bay Vets, we understand the long-term effects of the pandemic and how key information and your puppy’s social skills can be underdeveloped which is why with our team of highly professional vets we aim to help educate as well as medically look after your dog alongside you.