Well the rainy weather outside is a sign that Autumn is rearing her beautiful head!! Such a lovely time of the year but it is always spoilt by the dreaded firework season.

Don’t get me wrong I love a good firework display like the next person but three months of it is just ridiculous. One night a year is ample especially if you are an animal that hasn’t got the foggiest idea what is actually happening. Its like the chicken licken story all over again!!

So how can we help for firework fearing felines (try saying that with a mouthful of biscuit!!)

Firstly it is a good idea to get in touch with your local council to find out when the big events are taking place….for instance

Lancaster Castle annual fireworks event is on Saturday 8th November. 8pm

Bolton-le-sands display is on 8th November. 7pm

For more info on Bonfire events follow the link below.


Before the event it is worth getting your cat micro chipped if your cat isn’t already. Your cat will be very anxious already and it only takes one loud bang for them to dart off and get become disorientated in the panic.

All vets provide this service and normally at a low cost, it only takes a few minutes to chip your cat for life. If your cat is already chipped make sure your details are all up to date as there is no point having your cat chipped to an old address.

It is also worth trying to desensitise your cat to the fireworks. There are a number of DVDs and CD’s available to help your cat get used to the crazy fizzy whizzy bangs!! We have a number of products available in our boutique including sounds scary CD’s and the Feliway range.

If in doubt give the surgery a call and we can discuss with you the different types of products we sell, it is always worth starting early some of the diffusers take a few weeks to create the desired effect. There are also supplements available to help calm your cat which can be taken on the days leading up to the event such as calmex, again these have proved effective during periods of stress.

During the night there are a number of ways to prevent your cat becoming too stressed and injured.

Try to keep your cat somewhere with minimal windows to remove the flashing and window rattling fear. A room with black out curtains would be ideal- if they dont try and climb up them in true cat fashion!!! Make sure your cat’s favourite ‘safe place’ is available to them, and try to avoid constantly checking on them if they have chosen to hide there during fireworks.

Shut all the curtains get all cosy and watch a movie – preferably an action film with lots of noise and flashing (andi i dont mean the full monty) This will help your cats forget about what is happening outside – maybe a James Bond film with a bit of Pussy Galore!!

Try and act as normal as possible on the night!! Cats will pick up on things if you start acting a bit odd and over fussy. And if your pet does get upset please dont shout at them or punish them as this puts them in a more negative mindset.

Always make sure cat flaps are locked once your cats are inside. This way if they do get scared they will be on familiar territory. It is also a way of keeping them out of harms way.

Make sure there is an indoor litter tray available for your cat to use, and pop it in a convenient location for them. If cats are very anxious, they may avoid visiting the toilet if they feel threatened or scared.

We don’t want a scaredy cat this Bonfire night

We want a chilled night……..

Or a Devilishly Sassy night…….

So enjoy yourself, stay safe and remember if you have a black cat – you are so in fashion at the minute!!xx