Quickly becoming a valued member of your family, dogs are among the most popular domestic pets – and for good reason. Loyal to the core, energetic and with distinct personalities, each canine companion is different, be it their particular breed or personality. Despite the unique nature of your pet, there are some behaviours which can seem simply strange to the untrained eye, though many of these actions are in fact often completely normal.

From seemingly random bursts of energy, to odd behaviour while they doze, allow Bay Vets to separate fact from fiction, and let you know whether a visit to our practice may be on the cards.

Frantic Pacing

Any dog experiencing ‘the zoomies’ is bound to act strangely, releasing their energy in a prolonged session of playful running. Though this may be odd in appearance, it is indeed completely natural behaviour, generally occurring less and less as a dog gets older. Sudden bursts of energy are nothing to be concerned about, but if your dog seems panicked and worrisome, this could be something separate altogether. If your canine is easily startled and jumpy too, this could be a sign of anxiety – certainly worthy of a visit to the vet.

Unexpected Howling

A dog will sometimes howl to get attention, make contact with other dogs, and announce their presence within an unfamiliar space. Howling is instinctual and can be a natural response to high-pitched noises and communications, though if there’s no clear reason for this behaviour, something could be physically wrong, or your pet could be suffering from internal pain. If your dog is howling consistently, then you need to make sure he or she is not sick – and check for any visible physical injuries.

Excessive Thirst

Many conditions can lead to excessive thirst or dehydration in your dog, though this is often the worst case scenario, and they could simply just be extremely thirsty as a response to humidity. Linked health conditions include diabetes, cushing’s disease, cancer, diarrhoea, fever, infections, kidney disease, and liver disease to name just a few. As worrying as this may be, you can often nip any issues in the bud early by booking an emergency appointment or scheduling a routine check-up.

Movement And Barking During Sleep

Though barking and continuous movement during sleep may seem like a concern, there’s a simple reason for this – your dog is dreaming! In much the same way that humans move and mutter while they nap, your dog is partial to doing the same. Even more surprising, your dog will often dream about past experiences they have had with their owner, and they may even dream about future experiences! This is testament to the attachment your pet has built with you.

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