It’s normal for your dog to experience anxiety around visiting the vet. However, it’s important your dog goes regularly to keep them happy and healthy. Read on to discover some useful tips and tricks that will help your dog get used to the vet.

Why do dogs fear the vet?

Dogs can become fearful of visiting the vets for multiple reasons. The experience can be traumatic to them – your dog is bombarded by strange smells and sounds, and there’s a likelihood that they’ll encounter other animals too. There’s also the actual examination – this can be an uncomfortable and unfamiliar experience to them which leaves them confused and afraid.

What can I do to get my dog used to the vets?

Practise medical exams at home

Part of what makes visits to the veterinarian so scary is that your dog isn’t used to the handling it receives during an exam. You can get your dog used to this type of handling by practising at home. Spend some time each day checking its ears, restraining it, looking at its teeth, and holding its paws. Be gentle and make sure your dog gets lots of praise and some treats during the practice exams.

Visit the vet’s office socially

Try to make arrangements with your veterinarian’s office to stop by several times for nothing more than a social call. Ask the receptionist to give your dog a few treats and some friendly petting, and soon your dog may look forward to visiting the vet. It’s important to let it take its time getting comfortable with the idea, rather than dragging or carrying it in. Reward your dog with lots of treats and praise as it edges closer to going through the door.

Increase the number of visits

Taking your pets to visit the vet from time to time is a great way to help reduce their fear. There’s a misconception that you only take your pet to the vet when they’re sick. You should make it a point to bring your pet for a regular health check-up. With this, the environment will become familiar to the pet, thereby erasing their experience of pain associated with the clinic. This will also help to keep your pet’s physical health in check.

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