Love is not enough

” Millions of pets across the UK are at risk from preventable diseases due to lack of awareness around vaccination and neutering” warns the PDSA.

– Around 4million dogs are not vaccinated or neutered leaving them vulnerable to Parvovirus ( a deadly disease causing vomiting and diarrhoea ) and pyometra ( a womb disease requiring emergency surgery to prevent the risk of death ).

– Up to 5.7 million unvaccinated cats are at risk from diseases such as cat flu, feline leukaemia (potentially deadly disease) , while 600,000 are not neutered.

– Nearly half of rabbits (800,000 out of 1.7 million) have never been vaccinated leaving them exposed to Myxomatosis and VHD ( Virus Hepatic Disease ).

The PDSA said owners need to realise ” love by itself” is not enough when it comes to safeguarding the health of their pets.

A third of owners surveyed mentioned cost as a reason for not getting their pets vaccinated , while over a quarter felt it was not necessary. This feedback is alarming!

Vets can only recommend vaccination and regular boosters to prevent infectious diseases and horrendous suffering.

As for the cost, this is often less than people think and much less than the cost of hospitalisation and treatment if a pet becomes infected.

Protecting your pets health is a fundamental aspect of meeting it’s needs, we owe it to them.

Prevention is always better than cure.