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Celebrating “Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month”


Throughout the month of May we will be sharing advice about each and every service our amazing Nurses provide here at Bay Vets!

Veterinary nurses play an important role in the care of your pet, and are a vital member of the veterinary team. They carry out technical work and are skilled in undertaking a range of diagnostic tests, medical treatments and minor surgical procedures, under veterinary surgeon direction.

Veterinary nurses also advise on keeping pets healthy and in many practices run their own nursing consultations and out-patient checks.

Take a look at just how skilled our nursing team are here at Bay Vets by visiting the following webpage: //

Come along to Wolfwood’s Annual Family Day – Sun 3rd July

Annual day 2016

Would you believe lily’s poison Cat’s!


These flowers are now very popular in floral arrangements and although they may be beautiful to look at these plants can cause kidney failure in our beloved cats. Cat owners need to be aware that having these flowers in your home can prove fatal. As little as two leaves can make your cat sick.

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Cat Years

How to work out the real age of your cat



There is no reliable scientific method for calculating how old your cat is in human years. It is often suggested that one human year is the equivalent of seven cat years, but in reality alone year old cat is far more mature than a 15 year old child. Experts generally agree that the first 2 years of a cats life are roughly equal to the first 24 of a humans. Thereafter each additional year equals approximately four 4 cat years.

First 1 month of a cats life is equivalent to 6 months of a human

3 months equals 4 years

6 months equals 10 years

8 months equals 15 years

1 year equals 18 years

2years equals 24 years and then 1 cat year equals 4 human years

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