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For the month of July we will be sharing information on the importance of pet vaccinations and how vital these are to your pets health.


We see dogs and cats contracting these serious illnesses in this area every year. Prior to vaccination these illnesses were commonly found and can be fatal. It is due to vaccination that they are now less common. Your pet will need yearly vaccines to be allowed into kennels/cattery and will receive a full health check during the same appointment.

Here’s some questions and answers we hear regularly which may help you with your own questions.

“ My pet is too old to vaccinate”

The illnesses we vaccinate against are the most serious/fatal to either old or young pets so we must continue to vaccinate despite their age.

“ I have read that vaccines don’t need to be done yearly”

  • Your dog is not vaccinated for the same thing every year
  • Viruses change (like flu) regular vaccinations keep your pet covered for all strains
  • In areas with low vaccination rates these diseases are still prevalent and your dog can easily contract these viruses if un-vaccinated

“ Will my pet be poorly after vaccination?”

Vaccines are incredibly safe therefore most pets will be fine. Some can feel a little off colour for 24hrs as we often do after Flu vaccination. Occasionally a small nodule will appear at the vaccine site but will disperse over a few days. The vet will give your pet a full health check before vaccination.

“My dog doesn’t go into kennels does it need kennel cough vaccine?”

Kennel cough is airborne and can be contracted when in close contact with other dogs. Dogs that have kennel cough can spread the virus for a few weeks after they stop coughing, so it is difficult to distinguish. If your dog is going to training classes or     mixing in areas where other dogs have been they are at high risk.

“ My cat is an indoor cat, it doesn’t need vaccinations”

60-80% of cats have one or more of the “Flu” viruses in their body. They can catch it from their mother when young. In adult cats it can be spread through contact with other cats (un-vaccinated cats spread much more virus than vaccinated ones) or through sharing feeding or litter areas. We vaccinate against flue to remind the body to keep it under control rather than to prevent them from catching it. Leukaemia vaccination is optional but is highly recommended if any of your cats in the household go outdoors. For this reason, it is advisable to vaccinate indoor & outdoor cats against flu. Enteritis is a horrible disease that is important to prevent as most infected cats will die from this disease.



Celebrating “Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month”


Throughout the month of May we will be sharing advice about each and every service our amazing Nurses provide here at Bay Vets!

Veterinary nurses play an important role in the care of your pet, and are a vital member of the veterinary team. They carry out technical work and are skilled in undertaking a range of diagnostic tests, medical treatments and minor surgical procedures, under veterinary surgeon direction.

Veterinary nurses also advise on keeping pets healthy and in many practices run their own nursing consultations and out-patient checks.

Take a look at just how skilled our nursing team are here at Bay Vets by visiting the following webpage: //


Now Halloween and Bonfire night has past us, the Christmas Countdown has officially begun.


We now have some amazing Christmas presents for pets available at Bay Vets Boutique located in Lancaster. Here’s Belle modelling our latest stock.




Bay Vets Boutique located within the Lancaster Bay Vets Surgery and a open 6 days per week. FREE Parking available on site. 

Come along to Wolfwood’s Annual Family Day – Sun 3rd July

Annual day 2016

A Tribute to Broc Harrington


Broc was a fun loving Springer Spaniel with a difference. He was one of the countries top Drug Detection Dogs! The hot shots of this world don’t go unnoticed, even Queen Elizabeth II, knew all about Brocs triumphs within the Prison Service.

A bundle of brown and white fur with a nose for the future was born into this world in May 2000. He was quickly snapped up to train to be a detection dog. This required him to spend twelve months of intensive training, involving indoor and outdoor work, searching for explosives, drugs, and scent tracking.

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The Scaredy Dog Firework Blog.

Well, it seems like only a few weeks ago I was writing a blog about how to look after your pets in the summer heat and already we are just 50 days away
from Halloween!! So I thought it best to help everyone prepare for what is the most wonderful (although daunting for animals) time of the year

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The RAVC and Animal Heroes of WW1


Have you ever thought about the animals that also fought in the First World War?

Our Head Receptionist at Lancaster Cheryl has done an amazing Blog about all the animals involved.

Click on the following link // to read it.

You will be sure to be amazed by the fact’s and look at these animals in a whole different way.

Feel free to leave any comments about this Blog below. Happy reading.