You are bound to one day witness a scuffle between two of man’s best friend, whether you are at home or out on a walk, dog fights can be scary to witness.

Dogs sometimes use fighting to determine their pack position. Other times, dogs are fighting to protect their food, toys or even your attention.

If your dog is unfortunately involved in a fight, you will need to resist the instinct to reach in and grab your dogs collar to pull them to safety. You will more than likely get bitten so never attempt to separate fighting dogs.

Try to remain calm, if you start to shout or scream it could spur on the dogs, escalating their fight.

A way of stopping dogs fighting is by startling them. You could make a very loud noise such as slamming a door, or by spraying them with water.

Try to stop yourself from getting in between the fight, try separating them with a physical barrier instead like an open umbrella or chair, anything you can grab at the time.

Once they have returned to their corners, take a deep breath and try to relax. Give your pet a thorough once-over and check for any wounds. If they have injured them selves you should bring them to one of our practices where we can give them the care they require.

Even minor bites are at risk for infection so you might need to do a little bit of first aid before you head to us.

For superficial wounds:

Stop the bleeding with direct pressure. Try to clean the wound with mild soap and lots of water for rinsing. Apply a light bandage and then visit one of our practices.

For deep wounds (those showing fat, muscle, or bone):

Stop the bleeding with direct pressure. Do not attempt to clean these wounds, instead protect the wound from further contamination by covering it with a wet bandage or towel and call our emergency service.

Hopefully, now you know just what to do if your little boxer is caught in a brawl but for more information call any of our practices and a member of our team will be able to help you.